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Carbon-60 60ml

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60 ml / 42,8 mg

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Product Description

C-60 in olive oil is a super powerful antioxidant which when taken 1-1,5 mg/ day, will enter the lipid layers of our mitochondria where it acts as a reusable and recyclable antioxidant and keeps on eliminating free radicals in all perpetuity!

C-60 has been stirred and dissolved during 2 weeks in extra virgin olive oil, centrifuged and filtered (0,22 nm filter).

C-60 in olive oil is considered as a super anti-aging supplement and being a natural extract, NOT promoted by Big Pharma (the most influential pharmaceutical companies on earth) because C-60 cannot be patented!


Most important advantages:

  • Enhance energy levels.
  • Improve skin quality
  • Great benefits for your lever and other organs.
  • Anti-aging
  • Better and deeper sleeping.
  • Less muscle pain after work out.
  • Improvement of memory and clarity of mind.

NB: our products are not defined as medicine, so are not intended to cure.